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De Witte Molen


It is worth exploring the area.
Here we have put together a few destinations for you:



After the completion of the Brouwersdam in 1972, Scharendijke, located on Schouwen-Duiveland in the province of Zeeland, has developed into a water sports center and has attracted many new residents as a result. With the North Sea beaches and the Grevelingenmeer within walking distance, Scharendijke is particularly ideal for surfing, sailing and diving. The divers in the Netherlands regard the diving areas "Koepeltje", "Scharendijke Haven" and "Nieuwe Kerkweg" as the hotspots of the Grevelingenmeer. On the outskirts of the village you will find the beautiful and well-kept marina.

Characteristic of Scharendijke are the "Muraltmuurtjes", ie the top of the dyke. This is a cost-effective solution for raising levees.

Scharendijke has a charming village street with several restaurants and shops.

It is worth coming to Scharendijke...


Camping De Witte Molen is located on Schouwen-Duiveland.
Schouwen-Duiveland, also known as the crown of Zeeland, owes this title to its geographic location as the northernmost island in Zeeland. In the western corner of this northernmost part of Zeeland are the widest beaches in the province, with a total length of 17 kilometers. Directly behind the beach is a large forest and dune area, most of which is freely accessible with kilometers of cycle, hiking and horseback riding trails. Well-known seaside resorts are Renesse, Burgh-Haamstede and Scharendijke.
The center of Schouwen-Duiveland is the historic town of Zierikzee with well-preserved monuments and a cozy shopping center.
Renesse is only 4 km. and historic Zierikzee only 13 km. removed. To the south, Schouwen-Duiveland borders the Oosterschelde, a saltwater tidal area with unique flora and fauna.
A visit to the Delta Works in the Oosterschelde is well worth it.
North of Schouwen-Duiveland lies the Grevelingenmeer, a popular water sports area.



The province of Zeeland is known for its above-average number of hours of sunshine, long sandy beaches, cozy beach pavilions and clean water. The ideal holiday destination, by the way, also outside of the main travel season. Because even on cool and windy days you can go for a wonderful walk on the beach. With hundreds of kilometers of beaches on the North Sea and the inlets, Zeeland has something to offer every beach lover: family beaches, natural beaches and water sports beaches. Find out more about Zeeland's beaches.

What can you do in Zeeland?

In addition to sunbathing, swimming and water sports, there is in

  Zeeland of course has plenty of other things to do. Beyond the beaches are beautiful dune landscapes and coastal forests that invite you to take long walks, for example in the Westerschouwen National Park. Other suggestions for things to do in Zeeland:

The Oosterschelde storm surge barrier is one of the Delta Works designed to protect Zeeland from storm surges. The three kilometer long weir with its 65 concrete pillars is also known as the "eighth wonder of the world". Learn more about the Delta Works.


Bicycle tours Even bicycle fans get their money's worth. Throughout Zeeland, from Schouwen-Duiveland to Zeeland-Flanders, a new, considerable cycle path network is spreading over many kilometers. Put together your favorite tour in this beautiful province!


Waterland Neeltje Jans is only 18 km away. The most beautiful water adventure park in the Netherlands: with an exciting 3D film, water world, water playground, hurricane machine, etc. The storm surge barrier can also be visited.


Middelburg is only 38 km away Take a trip to the island of Walcheren with the capital of Zeeland: Middelburg. This city with its historic city center offers sights that can be reached on foot from the shopping center.



After only a few minutes drive you are on the Brouwersdam, one of the most famous surfing areas in Holland. On the Grevelingen side of the Brouwersdam is the Kabbelaarsbank.
The North Sea and the Grevelingermeer offer many water sports such. B. surfing, power kiting, diving, fishing and sailing. There is a lot of fishing, especially at the Schläuse, just outside Scharendijke.
Brouwersdam offer many opportunities to experience a perfect day at the North Sea. From relaxing on the terrace to an adrenaline rush with kite surfing on the water or spectacular experiences with sand yachting, kite buggies, power kiting, stand-up paddle boarding etc... 
water jump 
A ski jump with a total of two lanes for "bodysliding" that end over the water. You slide down in a surf suit with (or without) a mat and land safely with a helmet and buoyancy vest in the refreshing water. The smaller of the two lanes (4 meters) makes getting started child's play. Higher and further is the motto on the second, 8 meter high "slide track".

Take the most beautiful walks on the beach, discover the Zeeland landscape from the dunes, sunbathe and get acquainted with all kinds of water sports. However you fill your day, after a fantastic day at the beach you can have a great rest in one of the many beach pavilions or beach clubs that Zeeland has.


Blue flag! 
This year, the beach at the Scharendijke – Brouwersdam exit also received a Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is an internationally recognized award for good beaches, safe and clean swimming water and clean and safe marinas.
Since Scharendijke Brouwersdam now has a permanent beach rescue brigade post, the way was clear for the award. A total of 29 Blue Flags were awarded in the Netherlands this year.

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