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This is us - from left to right - Adéle, Gerd, Lenka and Frank. We‘ve been going through thick and thin together, been working together, traveling together and enjoying life together for over a decade

Frankas Place is our joint project.
It‘ a pot pourri of longstanding adventures that we have been privileged to experience together and now to share with you.


Lenka and Frank sind Professional sushi chefs. They trained in Los Angeles at the California Sushi Acadamy and own two sushi bars ins Bonn.
Lenka & Frank Rink sind ausgebildete Sushi Chefs der California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles und die Inhaber der Kugelfisch Sushi Bar in Bonn.

Frank‘s daily job is, in fact, property management with many years of experience in the gastronomy sector. Due to this, he brings organizational and commercial know how for the planing of permanent establishments, for the optimization of the workflow and for the guarantee of quality standards.

Lenka, is a graphic designer and owns an advertising agency. She‘s in charge of communication and marketing.

Since 2014, Frank and Lenka have the pleasure of running a traditional restaurant, Gesindehaus, in Bonn. This restaurant is famous for its own brewed beer, called Pöppsch, as well as its sausage specialities called Echte Knechte (  genuine lads). Not only that, but since 2017, very proud owners of a street food stall called JuutFood that sells typical Dutch food. In 2019 the second street Food Stall was opened and 4 months later JuutFood opened its second branch.


Adèlenis our pillar of strength . She has been working with us, and experienced our gastronomical development, for nearly 10 years, as head of catering, idea provider, good fairy, controller and a great person.
Without her, Frankas Place, as well as our restaurants wouldn’t function as they now do.

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